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Danbred gilt

In new herds (green field, repop etc.) it is critical that success rate with gilt introduction meets or superseeds expectations.

With DanBred Gilt, skilled technical services managers evaluate introduction procedures on farm level and pinpoint bottlenecks and optimization possibilities with the goal of securing the maximum number of gilts enter into production as sows.

  • For buyers of DanBred F1 gilts or purebred L/Y gilts
  • Reach maxiumum productivity without delay
  • Optimize use of purchased gilts

Danbred maxwean

The main key performance indicators that contribute to high profitability are litter size, weaned per weaning, weaned per litter, and weaning weight.

DanBred MaxWean skilled technical services managers evaluates production on farm level and pinpoints bottlenecks and possibilities for optimization with the goal to maximize the numbers of weaned pigs per group.

  • For major customers with significant no. of sows. (+3,000)
  • KPI’s for weaned pigs meet the goals set
  • 3 days on-farm and 3 phone/Skype meetings

performance care

Correct focus on key performance indicators within the production will help unlock the full genetic potential of DanBred, not only meeting production targets but exceeding them.

DanBred will help identify key performance indicators which is in line with the production targets and pinpoint where the production might be off taget.

  • For bigger customers (>1,000 sows)
  • Requires on-farm herd management programme (Agrosoft/Cloudfarms/other)
  • Success criteria: Production KPI’s meet the goals set

“I focus on big scale farming, often in relation to integrators with a wider objective than just “more weaned pigs”. I convert the goal of the customer to DanBred’s objective. With In-Farm Solutions, I aim to take our advice all the way to your unique farm and use my experience to optimize your specific aim as our common goal.”

Søren Sandgaard Thuesen

Head of In-Farm Solutions


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