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Sow & Gilt Manual for
optimum handling

The Sow & Gilt Manual is focused on optimum handling through a complete reproduction cycle.

  • Covers the 6 phases
  • How to care for DanBred animals
  • Reach the full potential
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On-farm Boar Manual FOR YOUR AI BOARS

This Manual is structured around housing and routines, in which the boar is located from arrival to first collection of semen.

  • Covers the 5 phases
  • From arrival to collection
  • All sections included
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This Manual gives you nutrition recommendations, feeding strategies and feeding management for DanBred gilts and sows.

  • Follows all production phases
  • Evidence-based nutrition recommendations
  • For economic and sustainable performance
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GenePro is DanBred’s program for on-farm replacement. Let the best sows in your herd form the basis for future generations using purebred semen from the best DanBred boars.

  • Ensure genetic gain
  • Maintain the herd’s health status
  • Gain new commercial opportunities
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Gilt rearing conditions that secures supply chain performance

This manual focuses on optimum growth conditions through the gilt rearing unit, ensuring high quality gilts.

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optimum production

To make it easy for you, we have gathered all Manuals in one app! You will benefit from our unique knowledge of working in the pigpen. Download now.


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