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Søren Sandgaard Thuesen

Head of Solutions and Supply Management

  • Optimal Production Flow
  • DanBred Supply Chain
  • DanBred Validated Feeding
“I focus on big-scale farming often in relation to integrators with a wider objective than just "more weaned pigs". I convert the goal of the customer to DanBred's objective. With In-Farm Solutions, I aim to take our advice all the way to your unique farm and use my experience to optimize your specific aim as our common goal.”

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Sigrid Beth Rasmussen

Product Development & Academy Manager

  • DanBred breeding programme
  • Knowledge adaptation
  • Management advice
“I help DanBred suppliers and partners through DanBred Partner Service, assisting with both breeding advice, technical data issues as well as management tips. Furthermore, I consult with DanBred herds around the world using my main expertise in breeding advisement and development and handling large litters in the farrowing unit.”

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Evgen Trokoz

In-Farm Solutions Manager

  • Primarily engage with customers in Eastern Europe
  • Focus on production optimization
  • Large-scale customers
“My main focus is to find and implement the best solutions that will improve and optimize the production for large-scale customers in Eastern Europe. My professional experience has taught me that both long- and short-term benchmarks are crucial to make lasting improvements.”

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Tórur Jacobsen

In-Farm Solutions Manager

  • Production consultancy
  • Production planning
  • Data management
“I have worked as a farm manager with DanBred Yorkshire, DanBred Landrace and DanBred Duroc animals, and I have experience in large-scale farming with 6500 sows full-line. Specialist in production consultancy, data management, and production planning.”

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Victor Poza Moreno

Technical Services Manager

  • Focus on economic improvement
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Working out of Europe
“I specialize in management support to improve the efficiency in sow farms, particularly focusing on the economical improvement, not just the productivity. I have more than 10 years of experience with this, and I have worked with producers in many different markets. I also have several years of experience as sow farm manager and have been sow farm responsible for companies with more than 10 sow farms.”

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Peter Walz Jørgensen

Supply Manager

  • Productivity management
  • DanBred multiplication setup
  • Supply chain optimisation
“Using my background within agro-business management and as an experienced DanBred multiplication farm manager, my role is to optimise the DanBred supply chain, with the main focus on productivity and engagement among DanBreds suppliers.”

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Ramon Martinez

In-Farm Solutions and Services Manager

  • Technical Services
  • AI optimization
  • Management advice
“With extensive experience from the genetic business my support will help our customers in North and South America adding value to their production by ensuring that needs and goals are met with professional service and solutions from DanBred.”

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Klaus Marquard Mathiasen

Manager of Technical Service Center

  • Partner Services
  • Selection support
  • Client assistance
“I primary work within our partner service supporting partners and suppliers in Denmark and abroad helping them achieve their full potential in the collaboration with DanBred.”

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Ashley Norval

Learning and Knowledge Transfer

  • Knowledge retention
  • On-farm development
  • Management practices
“I have proven experience in maximising the adoption and awareness of new technologies, innovations and management practices to improve on-farm productivity and profitability. This is done through the use of varied communication methods to deliver information to producers in a clear, consistent and impactful way. I am particularly interested in developing training programs that result in significant knowledge retention, increased production figures and paying back to the economy of the farm.”

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